Our Brand History

PROBAN® is the brand name for cotton based flame retardant fabrics and garments that have been tested and approved for flame retardant performance and durability for the lifetime of the garment at Solvay owned, ISO accredited quality control labs. Our Flagship brand: PROBAN® has been built on over 50 years' experience. It was first developed in 1955 to provide protection for children’s sleepwear. 

Since then flame retardant PROBAN® fabrics have been developed for use in a wide range of applications including Personal Protective wear, upholstery and soft furnishings, mattress ticking and as protective wear for racing drivers

Recently PROBAN® is contributing to the new concept of multi-layer protection, as it is applied to knitted fabrics used for sweatshirts and t shirts. Wearers can now have several layers of protection from the hardy overalls right down to soft handle t-shirts.

Discover the main milestones of PROBAN® since 1957

  • 1957 First PROBAN® precursor production unit
  • 1960 First PROBAN® ammonia cure process
  • 1977 PROBAN® fabric wash durability officially established at 200 cycles (sheeting).
  • 1983 Royal Navy: PROBAN® anti-flash hoods and gloves
  • 1985 US Navy crews for PROBAN® crews equipment
  • 1988 Development of PROBAN® cotton/synthetic fabrics
  • 1993 Personal Protective Equipment European regulations
  • 1993 Further development of Ammonia Cure Technology
  • 1994 UKAS accreditation of PROBAN® Quality Control laboratory according to EN45001 standard
  • 1995 Development of softer handle on PROBAN® fabrics
  • 2000 Rhodia acquires ALBRIGHT & WILSON
  • 2003 OEKOTEX approves PROBAN® polymer formed in the fabrics and includes it in the active chemicals list
  • 2006 UKAS accreditation of PROBAN® Quality Control laboratory according to ISO 17025: 2005 standard
  • 2008 Introduction of E-Room PROBAN® Quality Control Laboratory tracking database 
  • 2009 Implementation in PROBAN® QC of ISO 15797 50 wash 50 dry pre-treatment for European work wear 
  • 2011 Solvay acquires Rhodia