Sleepwear and Nightwear

Comfortable and lightweight knitted Proban® fabrics do not cause skins sensitisation and/ or irritation on the wearer’s skin.

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Knitted Proban® fabrics  are ideal for manufacture of flame retardant sleepwear for retail and contract markets. Key features of the Proban® fabrics include:
  • High level of stability
  • Does not hydrolyse on long term storage
  • Durability after 50 washes 
  • Effective on fabrics that have 100% pigment cover
They can meet the following standards
  • BS 5722: Specification for flammability performance of fabrics and fabric combinations used in nightwear garments
  • BS 5867 Test 2, Type B criteria: Fabrics are tested after 50 washes at 71±3oC.Minimises heat stress. This level of durability washing and test performance is significantly higher than the legal requirement stipulated in the UK Nightwear (Safety) Regulations.  
  • EN 14878; Textiles – Burning behaviour of children’s nightwear specification.
        - Class A performance requirements set for children’s nightwear (not pyjamas)
        - Class B performance requirements set for children’s pyjamas. 
  • CPSC CFR 1616 and 1615 requirements stipulated for the US children’s sleepwear market
        - Even on fabrics that have 100% pigment print cover