Electrical and Maintenance Utilities

PROBAN® fabrics give excellent protection against exposure to electric arc

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Garments produced from PROBAN® are suitable for use where employees work on or near energised electrical conductors and similar equipment or installations. PROBAN® fabrics meet the requirements of 

  • ASTM D-1959 – exposure performance to an electric arc 
  • NFPA-70E – electrical safety requirements for employee workplaces
  • 2002 National Electric Code (NEC)
  • IEC 61482-1-1 open arc test method
  • IEC 61428-1-2 electric arc box test
  • ASTM F 1506:
                - Single layer PROBAN® fabrics of 237gsm or heavier can meet the requirements of Hazard Risk Category 2 (HRC 2). Heavier weight single layer woven and knitted PROBAN® fabrics can achieve Hazard Risk Category 3 (HRC 3). 
                - Multi layer PROBAN® fabric meets high risk category 3 and 4