General Worker Applications

Protection against exposure to heat and flame

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Garments made from PROBAN® fabrics meet the requirements of EN ISO 11612 Protective clothing – clothing to protect against heat and flame. 

PROBAN® fabrics composed of 100% cotton or cotton rich blends of cotton with either polyester or polyamide are ideal for general worker applications where there is exposure and a risk of contact with sources of heat or flame. A wide range of woven and knitted fabric constructions are available. 

End articles produced from Proban® fabrics are flame resistant and self extinguishing, preventing the spread of any initial source of ignition. The char forming mechanism of PROBAN® fabrics provides a barrier to the transfer of heat from an ignition, thus significantly reducing or eliminating, burn injury.

Multi-functional performance

PROBAN® fabrics having multi-functional performance which provide flame resistant protection and additional protective properties against specific industry and end use hazards are available in a range of fabric constructions and weights.

Multi functional performance fabrics include:
  • Flame resistant and water and oil repellent.
  • Flame resistant and anti-static (EN 1149-5).
  • Flame resistant and electrical resistance (EN 1149-2).
  • Flame resistant and high visibility (EN 471)
  • Flame resistant and aluminised (high radiant heat reflectance properties)
Using a layered approach, PROBAN® fabrics provide a low price option for Chemical, Biological, Radiation and Nuclear (CBRN) protection suits.