PROBAN® personal protective clothing

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Everyday work clothes are not flame retardant and do not fully protect against the hazards of flash fire and/or electric arcs. Solvay's patented technology polymerizes in-situ to form a cotton-PROBAN® composite that will deliver flame retardant protection for the lifetime of the garment*. 

The wearer will have the natural comfort of wearing cotton next to their skin and proven flame retardant protection. PROBAN® garments act as a protective barrier and will not burn, melt or drip.

PROBAN® garments provide protection to millions of workers against the risks of arc flash, flash fire and molten metal splash that exist in working environments across many industries: Oil and Gas, Steel plants, utilities, construction, automotives, equipment manufacturing, mining etc. 

PROBAN® workwear is also available with multi-risk accreditations (e.g., protection from chemical splashes, high visibility as per required international or regional protective clothing standards).  

Regardless of where PROBAN® workwear is manufactured in the world, Solvay's UKAS-accredited, ISO 17025 quality control labs run flame retardant performance after carrying out multiple industrial wash and dry cycles as defined in ISO 15797 for every production batch of PROBAN® fabric produced. This means that all PROBAN® garments available in the market come with a unique quality certificate and their own identification number that will only be issued after testing the specific batch of fabric used to produce workwear for flame retardant performance.

*To support the effectiveness of your personal protective clothing, please ensure your PPE is clean and properly maintained, and follow manufacturer's washing and care instructions.‚Äč

Our strict quality control procedure delivers peace of mind, conformance, and full traceability to PROBAN® users.