Oil and Gas

Garments made with PROBAN® fabrics are light, flexible and provide comfortable protection against exposure to radiant and convective heat and flame

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Garments produced from PROBAN® fabrics are widely adopted by the Oil and Gas industry. They exhibit the following key features:
  • Self Extinguishing
  • Low capacity for absorbing and retaining heavy oils and other aromatic substances
  • Multi performance PROBAN® fabrics offer protection against heat and flame in combination with anti-static properties
Garments produced from PROBAN® fabrics  for Oil and gas including workers exposed to heat and flame risk in gas utility services can meet the requirements:
  • EN ISO 11612 

PROBAN® fabrics are now available with end garment showing multifunctional properties

  • EN 1149-2, Electrical Resistance
  • EN 1149-5, anti-static
  • EN 471, high visibility
  • Water and Soil Repellant
  • NFPA 2112