Motor Sports

Garments made with PROBAN® fabrics are light, flexible and provide comfortable protection against heat and flame.

PROBAN® coveralls are extensively used in non FISA/FIA events such as hill climbs and club rallying events. Knitted fabrics provide comfortable safety to heat and flame.

Garments produced with Proban® fabrics meet the requirements:

  • EN ISO 11612

Woven PROBAN® fabric can be used as:

  • Protective race suit or coverall in non FISA/FIA events
  • Ideal for race marshals at car and motorcycle events

Garments made from PROBAN® fabrics provide a high level of comfort to the wearer in addition to recognised levels of performance against radiant heat, convective heat and flame. PROBAN® fabrics do not cause heat stress. 

Garments made from PROBAN® fabrics are ideal for protection against heat and flame hazards associated with pyrotechnic displays.