Military and Police

PROBAN® woven overalls and knitted gloves are used by Ministry of Defence at Ordinance factory sites throughout the United Kingdom

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Garments produced from Proban® fabrics  for Military and Police can meet the requirements:
  • EN ISO 11612 

Balaclavas, gloves, and protective neck and ear flaps on helmets can be produced using PROBAN® knitted fabrics

PROBAN® Knitted fabrics in single or double layer constructions provide excellent protection against cordite flash produced by large artillery or ships and land.

PROBAN® fabrics are available with end garment showing multifunctional properties

  • EN 1149-2, Electrical Resistance
  • EN 1149-5, anti-static
  • EN 471, high visibility
  • Water and oil Repellant
PROBAN® fabrics can be supplied with a water repellant finish to enable run-off of petrol and other flammable liquids.