Solvay Novecare jointly exhibited PROBAN® with Cedro Textil at the International Fair of Safety and Protection (FISP), São Paulo from 8-10 October 2014

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Tomas Baborsky, Global PROBAN® business manager explains: “It has been three years since we launched Cedro Textil as a PROBAN® Licensee in Brazil. The success of our technology has been driven by the many benefits of PROBAN® fabrics that include excellent wash durability, superior wearing comfort and no odour. It has helped us to replace low quality alternatives.” 

Cedro Textil adds “PROBAN® technology together with the high quality of Cedro’s fabric provides an affordable and reliable protection against flame on lightweight cotton based fabrics.” 
Cedro Textil is one of the major players in the Brazilian textile market. Well established brands like Cedrotech FR, Jupiter FR, Saturno FR and Venus FR are all based on Novecare’s state of the art PROBAN® technology. They have been tested and certified to comply with NFPA 2112 and NFPA 70E standards. Every single batch of PROBAN® fabric made by Cedro Textil is tested according to ISO 11611, ISO 11612 and ISO 14116 at Solvay’s UKAS accredited laboratory in the UK.  

Cedrotech, Jupiter and Saturno, Venus are all trademarks of Cedro.