PROBAN® Labels

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A genuine label certifies that the fabric has been rigorously tested to the correct quality standards for flame retardance and durability to washing

How can I check the authenticity of the PROBAN® label?

  • PROBAN® is only applied to cellulosic and cotton rich fabrics
  • Request to see a PROBAN® certificate
  • Still in doubt? Quote Solvay PROBAN® Quality Control Reference number on our online form and  we will  check the genuine content of the document for you.

Why insist on verifying the authenticity of the PROBAN® label?

  • You and your workforce may be at risk if you do not insist on the official PROBAN® brand.
  • Only garments or flame retardant fabrics that display genuine Proban® labels ensure protection.

Only end articles that carry a Solvay issued PROBAN® label can be sold, marketed or referred to as PROBAN®.