PROBAN®: We offer fire protection with confidence for the lifetime of the garment

Discover best-in-class technology available for fire safety in textiles and garments

Thermal risks exist across a range of industries and environments, and sometimes they materialize.  Risks of arc flash, flash fire and molten metal splash  are ever-present concerns in areas such as oil and gas, steel mills, utilities, construction, industrial manufacturing, chemical plants and wildland firefighting.  Those who purchase or wear flame retardant (FR) garments  need an option that performs as promised, with: 

  • Lifetime protection

  • Value

  • Comfort

  • Global availability

  • Traceability

  • Conformance to global fire protection standards

For more than 60 years, customers have trusted  in PROBAN®. PROBAN® is Solvay’s brand name for cotton-based FR workwear that has been tested and approved for FR performance at Solvay-owned, UKAS-accredited ISO 17025 quality control labs. The PROBAN® polymer is created by an in-situ polymerization within the cotton fibers to form a cotton-PROBAN® composite material at the fabric stage that is permanently bound to the core of the fabric without modifying the cotton structure. This ensures FR protection from PROBAN® workwear for the lifetime of the garment*.

*To support the effectiveness of your protective clothing, please ensure your PPE is clean and properly maintained, and follow manufacturer's washing and care instructions.‚Äč